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D.A.N.C.E. Movement Showcase

Lights, Camera, Action

Everyone has their own story but they were able to overcome all challenges to get to this point of performing in the showcase.  Every group member was interconnected because of the process.  They learned about  themselves and more importantly how to have healthier interactions with their peers.

Removing All Fear

Leadership, empowering others and providing a supportive environment are key pieces to my program.  This video is the definition of each of those areas.  A small snippet can say a thousand words!  "You may come into group frustrated, angry and sad but you will not leave that way" - Dezi

Notre Dame FirstGen Program with Faculty and College students celebrating the start of their semester.  Students left the program reassured that they have a strong support system on campus that wants to see them succeed!

Notre Dame FirstGen Program with Faculty and College students focusing on being resilient and pushing all negativity away.  The participates left energized and motivated to conquer life challenges.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance with a Live Band

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